Do you like puzzles? Do you like word games? Do you like word search? Are you a word nerd? If so, the Wordle game is perfect for you. Wordle is an online word game that creates artistic pictures from words.  It's fun and challenging, but it can also be quite frustrating.

Wordle word puzzle game suddenly became a trending topic on social networks, despite its simple form and no special features.

The game got off to a humble start with 90 players per day. In November, this number increased to 300,000. However, as of this week, the game recorded more than two million participants. On social networks, Wordle is becoming a trending topic with a series of articles sharing the results achieved, or playing tips.

How to play Wordle

The rules are simple: The secret word, of length 4 to 11, must be guessed in six attempts. Just type any word on the first line to get started. If the predicted letter is correct and in the correct position, it will be colored green. If the letter is in the word but misplaced, it will be highlighted in yellow. And if the letter is not in the hidden word at all, it will turn gray. Can you find the hidden word in six tries?

Tips for playing Wordle

If you've played through puns, you might want to avoid the following tips and rely entirely on your instincts. For others who don't want to see a lot of gray tiles, here are some tips that might come in handy when you play Wordle.

Choose your first word: The first word is arguably the most important. You can choose words with three vowels and all five different letters to expand the range. For instance, media, ratio, and radio...

Avoid repeating gray cells: The text panel at the bottom of the Wordle panel shows letters in green, yellow, and gray. You should avoid reusing grayed-out letters. This is obvious when your next row should be a five-letter word that doesn't use the letters you tried earlier.

Letters can appear twice: This complicates your problem, especially when you are running out of letters to try from row 4 or 5. Some words may be repeated, like chill, berry, press, and coffee.

Wordle is great for ESL students because it forces them to think of words that have visual components or make visual sense. With a combination of Crossword, Boggle, and Scrabble, the Wordle game tests your vocabulary skills by challenging you to find the hidden 5 letter words in six tries.

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