Welcome to The Daily Crossword game. This is the game that is very suitable if you want a fun puzzle to help you relax and exercise your brain every day.
Based on the clues you get, try to fill in all the squares of the puzzle. Check back each day to find a new quiz or discover quizzes we've published recently.
Use a timer if you want to test your solving speed.
For a complete guide on how to do The Daily Crossword, see How to Play.

How to play

Enter the word
You just need to click on the square you want and start typing the word you think is the answer. The color of the selected square will appear yellow. The corresponding clue will be highlighted in a box, and clues for any intersecting words will appear in black.
To navigate between the Top and Bottom clues, simply click the right mouse button.
Use the two scroll bars to the right of the clues to scroll up and down the clues.

'Restore' button
Clicking this button will delete all the answers you entered during this session, restoring the crossword to its original version.

'Check' button
Clicking this button will display any squares containing incorrect letters.

'Reveal Letter' button
Clicking this button will insert the correct letter for the currently selected square.

'Show Word' button
Clicking this button will insert the correct answer for the currently selected clue.

'Solution' button
Clicking this button will display the complete crossword puzzle.

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