Waffle Unlimited is the unlimited version of the Waffle game where you have to drag letters to form 6 words within 15 moves.

How to play Waffle Unlimited

At the beginning, letters are randomly placed on the board which looks like a waffle. You need to move letters to the right places to create 6 valid words.

As you move, the color of the tiles will change.

Green means that the letter is placed correctly.

Yellow means that the letter is in the correct row but not in the right place.

Gray means that the letter does not belong to that row.

You need to change the position of letters and create 6 correct words in 15 swaps.

The best part is that there is not only one puzzle a day. If you win a puzzle, you can play any puzzle of the day that you want! So if you feel that one puzzle a day is not enough, then you should play Waffle Unlimited!

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