Dordle — described as "Wordle plus Wordle" is unambiguously in the devilish category of Wordle variations, and this is true despite the fact that it is impossible to say the name.

The game is made up of two Wordle grids that are placed next to each other. Each grid has the same rules: five letters, six guesses, greyed-out spaces for letters that aren't in the answer, yellow squares for letters that are in the wrong place, and green squares for letters that are in the right place.

The distinction, though, is that despite the double wordle-ing, you are only given six guesses, each of which is valid for both games at once. With each one, you have to make a decision: Can I guess effectively enough to get more data on both words or should I sacrifice a guess on one side to try and solve the other?

Dordle is a free, HTML5-based word-guessing game that is just a few clicks away from you, rules and game strategy apart

How to play Dordle game?

The enormous grid in Dordle, which is more than twice as large as the grid in Wordle, is simple to become overwhelmed with. The optimal strategy for Dordle's 2-grid system, though, is to concentrate just on guessing one word as soon as you can—a maximum of 3–4 times. Before you run out of options, anything more than that invites panic.

Determining when to switch to the word you should guess is the tricky part, though. In order to get as much data as possible, you must toss the first one or two attempts against the wall. From this point on, determine which side (left or right) has revealed the most information. Choose a side, then stick with it all the way through.

Fortunately, anyone who has played this type of game will be very familiar with the continuing engagement behind it. Two expressions with five letters each must be calculated in seven theories. Essentially, linking a word is how you begin. Additionally, you'll be able to tell how close you are when you offer your hypothesis. A dark tile suggests that the letter isn't in the word; an orange tile indicates that it is but in an unacceptable place; and a green tile indicates that you have the letter exactly where it belongs.

Running two frameworks simultaneously is part of the expanded test. If you keep working on your hypotheses, you should eventually come up with the answer.

What Is The Best First Dordle Word?

The secret to winning Wordle and avoiding the need to look up today's Wordle answer is to use the best Wordle start words.

You run the risk of losing your streak without a strong start word, and nobody wants that to happen to them. A great start word will also enable you to convert 4/6s into 3/6s and even 2/6s, even if you consider yourself to be a bit of a Wordle master by this point. Even the amazing WordleBot tool from the New York Times, which is regrettably no longer free, understands the value of a strong starting word.

With that fundamental reality in mind, we can think of a couple of great opening phrases right away. ADIEU, AUDIO, and OUIJA all cover four vowels, while there are others. If the answer is "sweet" or "radar," for example, you won't know if any yellow or green letters appear twice, but you can at least identify some crucial characters right away.

Most folks will be satisfied with that. Starting with words with a lot of vowels will always offer you an advantage while solving Wordle's puzzles. However, since not all letters are created equal, it is also not that easy. Yes, there are vowels in almost every word, but some are more or less typical. Consonants function similarly.

The Wordle dictionary is another option. A considerably smaller set of terms—only a few thousand—qualify as potential solutions, compared to the more than 10,000 words the game will accept as allowed guesses. 

This is the list of most frequently used letters that you get when you do that: E, A, R, O, T, L, I, S, N, C.

The word RAISE is a great place to start if going vowel-heavy isn't enough and you want to include some of the more common consonants as well. It covers the three most popular vowels and the two most popular consonants as they are listed in dictionaries.

What about the best follow-up word?

Naturally, there are situations when even a strong start word won't produce any yellow or green results. You'll need a strong second word if that occurs.

Since you don't want to utilize any of the letters you already used, which one you choose will obviously rely on what your first word was. However, if I were to presume that you would heed this advice and choose STARE as your Wordle start word, I'd suggest PHONY, COULD, or DOING as solid second choices.

Because Y is one of the most frequent fifth letters, PHONY is a statistically superior second word choice. However, COULD and DOING both have two vowels, and as was previously said, playing your vowels early is always a wise tactic.

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