LoLdle is a variant of Wordle game made for League of Legends fans. It was designed to test your knowledge of LoL game. LoLdle is a spin-off of the popular word-guessing game Wordle and based on Riot Games' League of Legends and its many champions and their quotes. Through LoLdle, people who play League of Legends can now play a version of Wordle that is made just for their favorite game.

How to play LoLdle

LoLdle is definitely based on Wordle, but what's interesting is that it has four modes that test how much players know about League of Legends and its vast world.

There are four game modes including:

Classic: Guess the Champion. Each try gives specific clues in green, red, and orange boxes.

Quotes: Guess with a quote from a game that a champion said.

Ability: Use a spell's icon to make a guess.

Splash: Guess the skin with a part of a splash art that has been cut off.

In Classic mode, all a player has to do is type in the name of a champion, and it will show the champion's gender, roles, species, the resource it uses, the type of range it has, the year it came out, and where it comes from. Changes in the color of the tiles show how close your guess was to the winner. Green means the property matches exactly, while orange means it matches only partially. Red means that the guess and the property don't match up at all.

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