Anti Wordle is a word game where you have to avoid guessing the hidden word in as many tries as possible. It is even more difficult than the Wordle game!

How to play Anti Wordle game?

If you've played Wordle and found it easy to try new crossword puzzles, you won't be able to stop playing this innovative online word puzzle game to try to lose words with fewer clues. 

Antiwordle is a game that can only be played in daily mode, and we didn't give up until we couldn't lose. It's a struggle in this game not to guess the word of the day. It is very difficult not to guess the hidden word in anti wordle these days because the computer just blocks the letters you used before and pushes you to try to put them in the correct sequence.

It's a very easy game. It's an inverted word that involves not guessing the word of the day. If you succeed, the game will show the time and effort you used to solve it. The option to share it on social media is then provided. Tell your friends about it!

Anti Wordle Game Rules

The following word containing that letter must go into the position indicated by the red letter when it is in the correct position.

If a letter is highlighted in yellow, it indicates that you must use that letter in the next word, but not in the same position as the previous letter.

You won't be able to use any grayscale characters in the following because you already know they don't exist. Your goal in the anti-sword game is to fail.

How to succeed on Wordle

Antiwordle is exacting in terms of how it must be played, yet ambiguous in terms of what success entails. The objective is to delay guessing the word as long as you can, not to guess the word at all. There is only one time when you know you have lost; there is never a time when you know you have won. In this game, a loss that leaves you with a lot of guesses in the rearview mirror is the closest thing to bliss you can find.

Since the standard Wordle only allows for six guesses, I consider an Antiwordle game to be successful if it requires me to make more than six guesses before I figure out the solution. I'm not sure if I've ever reached double digits, but it's still challenging. I estimated nine this morning and thought it was a very reasonable guess. I was furious the entire time.

And the reason for it is that if you receive a red-letter, you freak out. Additionally, you never know when that letter may arrive. You could receive three reds and think, "Hahaha, I'll start with GLYPH." Good luck moving forward, Bucko.

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