Diffle is a free and accessible online word game inspired by Wordle. One's goal here is to guess and locate the secret word as quickly as possible. Use the information provided to your advantage and complete the task quickly. Do you feel ready?

How to play Diffle

The game will give you a blank five-letter word, represented by an underscore or a dash, indicating the number of letters in the word. You have a limited number of attempts, usually six or seven, to guess the secret word. On each guess, you provide a five letter word. After each guess, the game will provide feedback to help you narrow down your choices.

Feedback includes:
Green letters: Any correct letter in the right place.
Yellow text: The letter is correct but in the wrong position.
Red letters: Incorrect letters that are not part of the secret word.

Note: The answer does not indicate which particular letter is correct or incorrect; it just gives the number of correct and wrong letters. Based on the feedback, you refine your prediction for the next attempt. Repeat steps 3 to 5 until you guess the secret word correctly or run out of attempts.


To maximize your chances of guessing the secret word in a limited number of attempts, you can use a variety of strategies, such as:

Start with a word consisting of a set of different letters to gather information about which letters are correct.
Use feedback to remove incorrect letters and positions.
Combine feedback from multiple guesses to narrow down the possibilities.
Make educated guesses based on common letter patterns and word structures.
Winning and Scoring:
If you successfully guess the secret word in a certain number of attempts, you win the game. Some versions of Diffle may also assign a score based on the number of attempts made, with a lower score indicating better performance.

Remember, the specifics of the game may vary depending on the platform or version you're playing, but this should give you a general idea of how Diffle works. Enjoy playing and have fun guessing the secret word!

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