Come play this code word puzzle game and experience a true mental test. A program named Codeword Unlimited allows users to participate in the well-known word game Codeword (aka Cipher or Cyptograms crosswords). American or British English spelling is used in this game (user choice). Every letter of the alphabet occurs in Arkadium's Codeword at least once in the grid and is assigned the same number everywhere it does. To assist you in recognizing additional letters and words in the grid, certain letters from the code have been decoded. Simply select a cell, write the character you wish to add, or click the desired character to fill in a letter and reveal the code phrase. Good luck with this free Codeword online version!


How to play

How to Play Codeword

The gameplay for this word search is really simple. A grid like a crossword will be displayed when the game first starts. You'll soon notice certain discrepancies, though. Every square contains a number. On the right side of the screen, there is a list of letters rather than a list of clues.
Every letter of the alphabet is used in codeword puzzles. A few letters are already in place at the start of the game to get you going. These letters are shown in the key by shaded squares, as you shall see. Additionally, you'll see that each letters have corresponding numbers in the key. The game will automatically give the same letter to squares with matching numbers after you assign a letter to one square on the game board. It will be simpler to decipher the words and find the solution as you add additional letters.


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