Who is Ya? Is a browser-based soccer game hosted on the website Missing11.com that acts as a Wordle for football fans. Who is Ya? same as Wordle, but the player has eight attempts to guess a soccer player. Every day, you have eight waits to find the roster of a mysterious soccer player. They have played in the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 or Bundesliga this past season. Start typing a name and it will let you choose your name from the list. Your cue will then compare the year attribute with the correct answer: their nationality, the league they play, the Club they play in, their position on the field, and their age. The green box means you were right about it, gray means recovery. From there, feel your way towards the answer by guessing other players on the same team, or in the same position, or whichever way you can. Their photos also get a little clearer with each guess. You start with an extremely blurry and discolored photo. So trust, will you have your best streak at the end of the season?


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