Word Scramble is a fun word puzzle game based on the anagram concept influenced by the famous game Outspell. Your task is to rearrange the shuffled letters randomly to form a meaningful word, through the help of clues for each set.
Scramble Words is a great choice for native speakers who want to stay sharp in their vocabulary. And for those who are learning English, this is also a very suitable option because it encourages you to follow a game, you will not be bored!

How to play

Anagram scramble is part of Word Scramble. Anagrams refer to words or phrases that are spelled out by rearranging the letters. The word 'anagram' means uncovering hidden meanings by reading the letters out of order. You need to look at the letters and separate them from a jumbled set of words to make the words contained therein. By opening those letters, you can create meaningful words of different lengths.

For example, "CIPFIOCA" - when you unwrap the letters, you get a seven letter word called "PACIFIC".

Letter Arrangements. Unscramble Online vs. Offline
- Vertical Letter Arrangement: The jumbled letters can be placed one after the other vertically, like a column of letters

- Horizontal Letter Arrangement: Letters can also appear horizontally. A horizontal row of messy letters.

- Triangular letter arrangement: 
Letters can appear randomly inside a triangle. You can select letters in three different ways.
You can select letters from the X-axis, i.e. from the horizontal dimension. Or you can choose from the Y-axis to create a meaningful word.
Alternatively, you can select scattered letters from the entire triangle to create a word.   

Two essential steps for Word Scramble players
- When playing offline, you need a board to rearrange letter tiles, and you need to rearrange letter tiles on the board to make meaningful words.
- You need to memorize and keep the correct order of vowels and consonants to make a meaningful word. Normally, you score 1 point for each four-letter word and 5 points for each ten-letter word. The longer the word, the more points you get.

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