Word Wipe is an online word search game where you need to combine letters to make a word and clear the board. Your goal varies at different levels. Most of the time, you need to clear certain lines of letter tiles.

How to play Word Wipe

Find and Clear Words

To play, you can left-click and connect adjacent letters on the board. After that, you have to release your left mouse button to submit the word. If it's a valid word, all letters will be cleared from the board. And when letters disappear, the letters above them also fall into their place. And this leads to new letter combinations.

Remember that a word needs to have at least three letters.

At each level, you need to clear the required lines of letter tiles.

Race The Time Limit

At each level, you have a limited amount of time to complete the task. And if you can't achieve it before the time run outs, the game is over. When you complete the task and there is still time, you can keep finding and clearing words to earn bonus bombs. You will get a new bomb with each line you clear. With the bomb, you can clear any section you want.

Try to link letters to form words and clear as many lines as you can!

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