Colorfle is a fun, intriguing Worlde-style game. In Colorfle, the objective is not to guess a word but to find a color code within only six attempts.

What exactly is Colorfle?

If you find guessing the Wordle game's 5-letter word everyday kind of boring, then Colorfle can be a great alternative.

In Colorfle, players must guess a color code that has six characters. Before starting the game, players will always be given the color that the color-code-to-guess represents.

So, if you know Hex color codes and RGB color codes, this game will be quite a piece of cake.

How to play Colorfle

You have six tries to guess the target color code. After each attempt, the color of the tiles on the screen will change to let you know how close your guess is to the color code you are looking for.

If the color turns green, the letter(s) of your choice is correct. If it changes to yellow, the letter is in the color code but not in the correct spot. And if the color is gray, the letter isn't in any of the target color code's spots.

Sound easy and similar to Wordle? Do you want to try today’s Colorfle?

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