Nerdle game is a variation of the Wordle game. Therefore, if you are a Wordle game lover, the way to play Nerdle will no longer be difficult to understand. However, Nerdle will have some differences from the original game. Instead of guessing words, in this game, you have to guess hidden math equations. Enter the algebraic equations that come to mind from numbers and symbols and get hints. You will have 6 tries using numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and equality to find that hidden equation. You can play with equations of 5 to 12 characters. Choose different game lengths in the settings.

How to play Nerdle?

Enter whatever equation you can think of

From the very beginning, some kind of equation was hidden in the game. To get started, just enter any math equation to find clues. It can contain numbers, and mathematical symbols such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and equals sign (+ - * / =). You have 6 attempts to guess the hidden equation.

Find out what numbers and symbols are in the equation

Your goal is to find the hidden equation using your predictions. After entering any equation and pressing Enter, the colors will change.

If the box is green, then the number or arithmetic symbol is in the target equation and in the correct place.

If the cell turns yellow, the number or arithmetic symbol is in the target equation but is misplaced.

If the cell turns gray, it means that these numbers or symbols are not in the equation.

Analyze and find the hidden equation

To win the game, keep entering the equation until all the cells turn green. Numbers and symbols can be repeated. The equation on the left side of the expression must be equal to the right side.

In the settings, you can manually choose the length of the equations. You can also turn off some math symbols to make the game easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does it say "that guess doesn't computer?

If you enter a calculation that doesn’t work mathematically, you will see the message "That guess doesn’t compute". This means that the calculation on the left-hand side does not equal the number on the right (e.g., 10+10=21). Or that we don't recognize it as a calculation at all (eg 10**1==1).
If you think your calculation is correct but you are still getting the doesn't compute message, please double-check your maths. Also, note that "*" and "/" take precedence. 1+1*2=3 is correct because you multiply 1*2 first such that the calculation is effectively 1+2=3. You could think of this as the same as 1+ (1*2). See "What is the order of operation" for an explanation of why we do this.

2. What is the order of operation?

Nerdle game applies the maths principle called "order of operation", which means that some mathematical symbols (called "operators") take precedence over others.

Puzzles may have operators in any order, but the order of operation means that you have to calculate "*" and "/" before '+' and '-'.

So 1+1*2 is the same as 1+(1*2) = 1+2 = 3 and not the same as (1+1)*2 = 2*2 = 4. This might be a bit unfamiliar (especially if those maths lessons seem like a long time ago!) but you'll get the hang of it quickly, we promise.

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