A well-liked variation of the renowned Wordle game is called Octordle. In contrast to the original game, you must guess eight words simultaneously. Your words are entered simultaneously into 8 fields on an 8-field playing surface for the game. Unlike the traditional game, you have 13 chances to correctly guess each of the 8 hidden words.

What is Octordle?

For gamers who have mastered both Dordle and Quordle, let alone the predecessor to everything, the one grid Wordle, Octordle is just what the doctor ordered.

In one game, you have up to 13 chances to correctly guess 8 words. There are unique grids for each of the eight words. With 8 parallel grids running at once, Octordle is essentially a multitasking version of Wordle. The eight grids significantly increase the level of difficulty during the entire process, which may be both irritating and gratifying.

How to play the Octordle Game?

Although there are a few distinctions, Octordle and Wordle are extremely similar. The game has eight words hidden at once, and there is a distinct field of 13 lines for each word. To receive hints, you must type your words.

Press the Enter key after typing the first word, which should have 4 or 5 letters, depending on the settings, to match the number of squares in a line. The same word will be input simultaneously in each of the 8 fields.

The letters of the entered word will now alter their color in all areas, most likely in various ways. This is so because the secret word is indicated by these hues. The clues differ as well because the terms are different.

Green indicates that the letter was properly predicted. The location of this letter is correct.

The letter in question is in the hidden word, however, it is located somewhere else, according to the yellow hue.

A letter with a gray background is not present in the word.

Please be aware that the keyboard buttons also change color separately for each word and playing field for your convenience. Find all eight hidden words by continuing to type and receiving tips. To win, you must correctly guess every word.

What are the rules of the Octordle game?

To solve the 8 target words, you have 13 guesses. To solve the problem, follow the color cues on the keyboard and letters.


Gray: The letter is not at all present in the target term.

Yellow: Though it is in the term, the letter is in the wrong place.

Green: The letter is in the right place within the word.

You must correctly guess all eight words to win the game. (Every letter is green.)

What is the difference between Octordle and Wordle?

The Octordle follows the standard Wordle rules, except you have 13 tries and must solve eight words at once. The color suggestions on the keyboard keys are separated into 8 sections based on the game's side since there are 8 hidden words. Because it is significantly more challenging and intriguing than the original Wordle, this game has grown in popularity.

The Octordle follows the traditional Wordle rules, with the addition that you get 13 guesses and must simultaneously guess 8 target words. Utilize the daily game option in Octordle to solve the same problems with your friends every day while using terms with 4 to 6 letters. In thirteen trials, can you figure out the eight secret words?

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