This very fun Anagram Crossword will help you relax later and enjoy the fun. It is similar to the standard crossword puzzle, but the letters in the hint box when rearranged will be the answer.

Unlike the crossword clues in other games. In Anagram Crossword the letters of the answer word will be shuffled and your task is to rearrange them to find the correct answer.

How to play

Your task in the game Anagram Crossword is to solve the crossword puzzle by rearranging the letters in the cue box into a meaningful word or phrase. However, this word must be the root word of the answer and match the surrounding word columns

Some tips and strategies that will help you as you play:

  • Don't stray too far from the original word: often anagrams relate to the solution
  • Keep an eye on the consonants: look out for common combinations of consonants, then fill in the gaps with vowels to make complete words
  • Memorize words: play daily to remember common combination.

If you need help solving puzzles more easily, use the Reveal Button. It will give you a few small hints but will also be very helpful when you come across a particularly difficult anagram.

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