Phrazle is a phrase guessing game in which you must guess the hidden phrase within 6 tries. After each guess, you will get color clues to show how close you are to the target phrase.

How to play Phrazle game

Phrazle game was inspired by the Wordle game. The online game Phrazle has gained considerable popularity due to its simplicity and restricted number of daily attempts. Each guess must include all spaces and correct spelling. After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to represent how close you are to the correct answer. In order to complete a phrase in the word game Phrazle, players must accurately predict a word within three or four attempts.

After finishing the day's Phrazle wordle game, participants cannot begin a new game. You are solely competent at phrases.

It is called Phrazle because you have six chances to guess a word. While you are inputting your five-letter term, it will indicate which letters already exist in the desired word, highlighting them in green if they are in the correct position, yellow if they are not, and purple if they are present in the phrase but not the correct word.

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