Word500 is a challenging word puzzle game with clues that provide the number of correct letters but not the specific letters. It operates similarly to Wordle and indicates which letters are correct, incorrect, and misplaced. It will demonstrate HOW MUCH, but NOT WHERE.
Guess 1 (STARE) "STARE" has two letters from the hidden word, but in opposite positions. The password is missing three letters.
Guess 2 (PRINT) has one correct letter in the correct position, two correct letters in the incorrect position, and two letters that do not belong in the secret word.
The letter "_" cannot be used to form a word, although it can be used to skip a letter while searching for the following letter. The "Hint" button is available if you become stuck. Do you believe you could refuse?
Word500 is playable in three difficulty levels and eight distinct languages. The languages spoken are Catalan, English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, and Portugese. At the Standard level of difficulty (green smiley), the secret word cannot contain duplicate letters (such as ORDER), and certain letters are omitted.
Each language and difficulty level receives a new secret word daily. Each player will have six chances to pick the correct word. This indicates that your first five suggestions can assist you determine which letters and where they are in the word. Enjoy!


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