Word Swipe is a word game where you have to connect letters to form words and clear them from the board. It's a perfect game to exercise your brain and vocabulary.

How to play Word Swipe game

In this game, you need to connect at least 3 adjacent letters to form a word and clear a required number of lines. To connect letters, just click and swipe along the lines. Then, release your left mouse button to submit.

In each level, you need to clear a required number of lines. Try to clear as many vertical or horizontal lines to complete the goal before the time runs out.

The longer the word, the more points you earn. So try to wipe as many letters at the same time as possible.

Once you meet the goal, you should keep finding and clearing words to get extra bombs.

With the bomb, you can drop it in anywhere you want to clear a square.

Play it now and tell us how many levels can you complete!

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