Tridle is a game based on Josh Wardle's immensely popular Wordle in which you attempt to solve three puzzles (Triple Wordle) simultaneously. It is similarly based on Dordle and Quordle, but with three dice instead of two or four!
Tridle utilizes 5-letter words as solution sets and word sets classed as valid guesses, similar to Wordle. Obviously, the Tridle consists of three unique grids that must be solved in no more than eight attempts. Each of the three secret words has its own grid, and each tile functions identically to the standard Wordle grid.
Each grid, and hence each individual word, adheres to the exact same principles as Wordle. Even Wordle's recognizable green and yellow are present, but the gray squares have been changed with black ones.

If you are familiar with Wordle, the rules are identical:
Simply enter a guess and press "Enter."
- The game will indicate the accuracy of your guess for each puzzle individually. If a letter is in the correct position, it will change green; if it is correct but in the wrong location, it will turn orange; and if it does not appear in the word, it will turn black.
- Speculate once more using the hints from the previous term.
- Repeat until you correctly identify each of the terms or after eight attempts, whichever comes first.
- You can share your findings with others.
- Play all you want !!


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