Thirdle is a word game in which the objective is to locate as many words as possible within a set amount of time. You must discover three six-letter words that are separated by at least two letters. This may seem simple, but it is not! It becomes increasingly difficult each time you play, and the more you play, the more difficult it becomes. The game contains an undo function, so if you make an error, don't worry!

This is a basic game that may be played by everyone. Each round consists of three words, and participants compete to discover the most three-letter words. The fast-paced and tough nature of the game makes it great for long car journeys or flights.

The players take turns providing single-word responses that begin with the third letter of the given word. For instance, you may react to "car" with "taxi," "automotive," or another word that begins with "t" and has anything to do with automobiles. Players get points for each accurate response, regardless of what other players say.
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How to play Thirdle game

Thirdle or triple, it makes no difference. To complete this new WORDLE challenge, you must solve the three riddles simultaneously. It differs somewhat from Dordle and Quardle, but is still enjoyable.
Attempt the third letter three times.
Each entry must be a legitimate three-letter word.
After each attempt, the color of the letters changes to represent your progress.
Enter your information by using the Enter key.

Multiple rules govern this game. You will have four opportunities to play. You must simultaneously input three words on each block. There will be three boxes of distinct colors. If you predict the correct letter and location, the box's color will change to green. If the color changes to orange, it indicates that you guessed the correct letter in the incorrect location, but if the color changes to black, it indicates that you guessed the incorrect letter. The game is straightforward to play. You will grow more knowledgeable and inquisitive. This game may only be played once each day.

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