The Daily Hard Crossword is a game specially created for those who are passionate about crossword puzzles but want to challenge themselves on a harder level than previous games!
When playing The Daily Hard Crossword, you will be challenged and hone your crossword skills by participating in solving crossword puzzles to very difficult levels. Each crossword in this game has a complex theme, few clues, lots of sophisticated wordplay and misdirection, requiring players to have a lot of general knowledge. So don't miss out on this amazing and challenging game. Good luck!

How to play

First, you need to select the crossword you want to play. Then use the clues to fill in the boxes horizontally or vertically.

The Reveal button can help you if you come across confusing clues by exploring letters, words or even whole puzzles!
As for word puzzles, it's notoriously difficult to solve. You will need to combine all your knowledge from basic to expert to be able to complete the challenge.

Some tips and strategies to help you solve puzzles easier:

  • Practice makes perfect: play some of our more simple crossword puzzles to get you in the solving mood.
  • Scan the clues for easy answers: some clues jump out of the page right away — focus on these, and come back to the tricky ones later on.
  • Use crossings to confirm your answer: confirm your answer is right by solving the clues that run across it.
  • Look up answers if you're stuck: you're not cheating, you're learning. Nobody knows everything and looking up the answer now puts you in good stead for the next puzzle.

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