Symble is a logic game in which you must decipher a four-digit password. To do this, you must generate a password that grants access to the password's protected value. You are given a question prompt, and you must choose the proper response from the options provided.

This is one of those games that, once played, may become addicting. The latter levels are also more challenging, so it is important to devote some time to understanding them before embarking on your journey. Best of luck!

How to play Symble

The objective is to decipher the 5-letter secret word within 8 tries. Watch the video I created about the game, then continue reading for further information.

The first of three icons in the upper-right area of the page provides access to five distinct game modes.
The daily quiz, which is updated at midnight in your time zone, will have the same word for all participants.
You may play endlessly with random sentences on the TM gadget in endless mode.
In 5 Minute Blitz, just you and the time are in play. How many riddles can you solve within five minutes?

In Custom Puzzle mode, you may pick any 5 letters to create your own Symble solution! It need not be a real word, and neither should the recommended answers. When you create a puzzle, the URL containing your problem is copied to your clipboard. Share it with your friends and see if they can beat it!

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