Sweardle is a word-guessing game inspired by Wordle, and its gameplay is comparable to that of Wordle. This game can only be played once each day. In the game, you will have to guess a four-letter word, the difficulty of which will increase from the original word. We will show you how to play Sweardle and provide you with recommendations to improve your abilities. After each attempt, the color of the letters will change to indicate how close you are to guessing the secret word.
Once the secret word has been deciphered, Sweardle provides the opportunity to post it on social networks. You can share your accomplishments with your pals on social networks. Very fascinating!

How to play
Sweardle works just like any of the other Wordle clones out there - you attempt to guess in a word in a few attempts as possible. With this one, you're given four tries to guess a four-letter word that would get you in trouble with your nan.
With each guess, the letters used will turn one of three colours, signaling whether the letters are in the right place, in the wrong place, or not in the word at all. From that, you're able to make more and more educated guesses. For example:
Gray = the letter is not used in today's Sweardle word
Yellow = the letter is used in today's Sweardle answer, but was in the wrong place
Green = the letter is included and in the right place



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