SUTOM is a fun word guessing game inspired by the famous game Wordle. The game is comparable to Motus, where you have to find a word every day after six successful attempts. There are similar programs that can fill the gap left by SUTOM. Check out these other free options.

You may have heard of Wordle, a new word game that is gaining popularity. This simple daily game gives you six chances to guess a word. It indicates if a letter is present and in the correct location. This word is usually five letters long and is generally quite common, so it doesn't really test your English vocabulary, but it is a great way to exercise your brain!

How to play SUTOM

You are allowed to guess the word daily six times.
You can only suggest words that start with the same letter as the word you are looking for and have in our dictionary.
The letters inside a red square are correctly aligned. The letters inside the yellow circle are misplaced (but within the word).
The remaining characters on the green background are not phrases.
Every day, each individual receives between 6 and 9 identical letters. Avoid content disclosure and make more use of the share button.

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