Wordle is a fantastic game, but have you ever played Statele? Statele is Wordle geography is Worldle, and this time you have six guesses to guess the United States of America. Statele is a free word puzzle game with an interesting twist. Statele is a trivia game without geography (geographical challenge) that provides the state's outline, direction, and distance. This time, you must predict the states within six guesses. The distance, direction, and proximity to the target state will be displayed after each guess.

Since NEW MEXICO is 975 miles northeast of the target state, your distance has decreased by 66%.
The second forecast for MICHIGAN is near! 470 miles distant, travelling west, and 83% accurate!
Now it is your time to speculate! After Minnesota! Well done!
Statele also offers an option for persons who are colorblind, which features colours with abundant contrast. This geography game is incredibly engaging and will help you learn about the states of the United States.

You have six opportunities to find Statele.
Each guess must come from a state that is recognised by the United States.
You may compute the distance, direction, and proximity between your current position and your destination using your best predictions.


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