Squirdle game is a guessing game for fans of Pokemon where players have to guess the name of a Pokémon within 8 tries. After each guess, you will get clues to find the daily Pokemon.

How to play Squirdle

The goal of Squirdle game is to guess the right Pokemon. To play a game, just enter any name of a Pokemon that you think about. If you can only remember the starting letter of that Pokemon, don't worry. A list of Pokemon starts with that letter will appear. Just select the Pokemon you want.
After each guess, you will receive hints to figure out the target Pokemon. You will receive color hints about generation and type. The correct guess will show up with a green square.

Moreover, it will also show you if the Pokemon you guessed is taller or heavier than the target one.

There are different types of Pokemon including fire, water, grass, ice, poison, fighting, dragon, and much more waiting for you to guess. 

What's more in Squirdle?

You can also select the gen of Pokemon you want to guess by changing it in the "Guess Pkmn from gen to gen" section and enjoy the game. The game features both Unlimited and Daily modes for players to try! It all depends on your preference. 

The name of the game is a combination of Squirdle and Wordle. It's Wordle game about Pokemon. 

It's time to show off your Pokemon knowledge in this game and see if you can guess today Squirdle! Good luck and have fun!

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