Redactle is a puzzle game that identifies the title of an article on Wikipedia. In the game is an assembled Wikipedia article with many hidden words; your mission is to determine the meaning and syntax of each word.

Due to the difficulty of guessing the quantity of words, this game is ideal for individuals with leisure time. To reach the end, you must maintain focus and perseverance. When you correctly guess the article's title, you win.

How to play the game Redactle

Redactle is a common browser game in which the user attempts to identify the topic of a randomly shuffled Wikipedia article chosen from 10,000 Important Wikipedia Articles (Level 4).

Enter or press the Guess button after entering a word in the input field. All occurrences of that word in the article body will become unanswered.

Determine the article's title or topic to win. The Redactle wordle game does not permit the user to play a fresh game once the day's game has concluded. You are permitted one game per day.

Rules, Tips and FAQs

Only guess one word at a time; guessing multiple words simultaneously will not work.

The majority of punctuation is highlighted automatically on the article page. Occasionally, some punctuation escapes Redactle's filter and is eliminated.

Case-insensitive guesses and characters containing diacritics (é, ü, etc.) are supported.

Shift + Enter will attempt to diversify or individualize your guesses automatically. In certain circumstances (such as guessing a meaningless word like "asdf"), this would result in useless guesses.

You will likely encounter some unusual concerns regarding formatting and punctuation. This is the outcome of eliminating non-compliant characters and elements from the original Wikipedia article.

Numerous popular words are provided automatically for your convenience. The list contains the majority of prepositions and articles in English. Attempting to guess these words will not contribute to your score.


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