Welcome to Wordle's Quantum edition! In Qwordle, you get six opportunities to guess either one of the two entangled words. It is similar to normal Wordle, except words that appear simultaneously on the screen do not exchange letters. Your predictions will be half-bold if they include letters from both words, making it impossible to determine which word they belong to. However, quordle maintains the original principles of Wordle, with the exception that you must guess four random words at once and have nine guesses to complete the problem. Play Quordle using four- to six-letter words and the daily game mode to solve the same problems with your friends every day. Can you deduce four concealed words in nine attempts?

Special rules
The peculiar quantum mechanics-based rules of Qwordle are applied to colored tiles:
Classic example: If the letters in your prediction match precisely one of the two words in the jumbled pair (either), all colored boxes will be filled. However, there is no way to determine which of the two words in the pair corresponds to your estimate. This is comparable to a precise measurement of the word in the pair that is closest to the other.

For instance, if the concealed words are MUSIC and WALTZ, WERY is the term that most closely fits WALTZ. The W is in the correct position, but the A is in the incorrect position. Since all of the letters you matched are in the same word (WALTZ), you will see complete tiles for the whole prediction.

Quantum case: If your forecast fits the letters in both words of the entangled pair, the full prediction will be represented by half-filled colored tiles. Similar to the last set, these cells do not indicate which letter corresponds to which word inside each pair. It is comparable to repeatedly measuring many pairs of virtually similar entanglements and obtaining different findings each time (dualism).

If the concealed words are MUSIC and WALTZ, the prediction (TAXES) will include both words' letters. The A is in the correct position, but the T and S are in the incorrect position. Since the matched letters belong to separate words, only half of the prediction boxes will be filled (indicating interference and ambiguity).

Remember that two entangled words never share the same letters (contain discrete sets of letters). You can win Qwordle if you correctly predict one of two words in a pair.

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