Primel is a game in which players get six chances to guess prime numbers. The game was inspired by Hannah Park and DL Miller's Wordle application. Our mission at Primel is to develop games that enable players to reveal hidden facets of their minds and skills. Instead of having to guess a strange term, here it is. I am seeking for a prime number with five digits. You have six guesses, and if your first six guesses are incorrect, you must begin over. Also, since the prime number guessing game employs only five rather than six digits, you can play this game with people of any age without any aptitude issues or hurdles. to age. Primel is ideal for those with a passion for mathematics.
How to play
As long as you have a basic understanding of primes, Primel is rather easy to play. Simply select a five-digit prime to begin. Depending on how accurately your word matches the prime of the day, you will receive a variety of green and yellow tiles. The green tile indicates the correct placement of the number. If you receive a yellow box, you have entered the right number in an incorrect space. You will have six opportunities to correctly guess the number.


How to play



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