Posterdle may be your favorite Wordle if you have a photographic memory and can recall movie posters from the past 40 years. We believe you will love this online game in which, if you adore movies, you must identify a cryptic movie poster within 20 seconds and six guesses... As with previous games of this type, you will be required to guess the series. movies that the poster cares about in Posterdle, with one task per day.
Posterdle does not require you to download an app to your mobile device in order to play, unlike other online Wordle versions.
Additionally, the same functionality exists on PCs, mobile devices, and tablets. The sole need for participation is a persistent Internet connection.


How to play

You have 20 seconds and 6 guesses to find the poster of the movie. Press START to begin and see photographs more efficiently. By pressing GUESS, the timer will be paused. If you select I DON'T KNOW or answer incorrectly, the countdown will continue.


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