Moviedle is a game that is similar to wordle in which you are given a few seconds of a film and then asked to identify the film. 

How to play Moviedle

Start the game and click the play icon in the middle to play Moviedle. Then, the video will play for one second.

Moviedle is a game in which players must determine the events of the day based on a one-second recreation of the complete film. You may then submit a guess or skip it.

Each incorrect or missed estimate results in a longer, slower version of the film.

The players are presented with six possibilities for accurately identifying the film of the day. Similar to Wordle, players can share their scores on social media. Daily, a new film is released, and we've been adding our own recommendations with the answers.

Every day, new guessing games inspired by Wordle are released. Numerous popular video games are based on movies. Framed is the most well-known online game, but Moviedle has been gaining popularity in recent weeks despite being relatively young.

How to play

Watch a one second version of the entire movie (no pausing!). Guess the title, or hit skip if you don't know it. If incorrect, you'll get to see a longer & slower version of the movie.

You get 6 tries in total per day. Have fun and good luck!


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