Luckle is a similar game to Wordle, but it allows us to choose the finish of the word rather than merely guessing it. Specifically, words can have between 4 and 11 letters. However, there is one significant distinction that renders its name inappropriate. Because you always have good luck in Luckle. Regardless of the input, the results will always be positive. This game is for you if you dislike things becoming challenging.

How to play Luckle
There will be a 5-letter target word, and you will have six chances to accurately guess it. After each guess, the letters will illuminate in a different color as a suggestion. Green indicates that a letter belongs in this position, yellow indicates that it belongs somewhere in the target word, and gray indicates that it does not belong at all. To learn how the game works, click "About" in the game's menu.

In this edition, you can choose the number of letters in your word and then enter any word to receive the correct answer instantaneously. I suppose you're just always fortunate in this copy, as your initial estimate is always correct.


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