Jordle, a Neopian-themed word game taking inspiration from the popular Wordle game, may bring fans of Wordle a kind of new and fresh experience.

As usual, players must find a Jordle word in six attempts. To assist players in guessing the word more easily, Jordie also provides the hint.

What is Jordle?

Jordle with Jordie is based on the Wordle game but has some new features.

The objective here is to guess a 5-letter word in six attempts. Sounds absolutely the same as the original World game, right? Yes, that’s true! But there are still differences between Jordle and the version that it takes inspiration from.

To be more specific, there will always be a hint from Jordle given to its players before the game starts. Also, "Jordle with Jordie" also pops in pieces of encouragement along the way. These definitely make them more interesting.

How to play Jordle

To play Jordle, first, you should check the hint given by the system to get an idea of what category the word-to-guess belongs to.

Then, it’s time to make your first guess. Enter a valid word that has 5 letters into the field.

After the guess, you will know which letters are in the hidden Jordle word by looking at the change of tile colors. The green color indicates that the letter(s) is right and in the correct place(s), while the yellow color means the letter(s) of your choice is right but in the incorrect place(s). If you see the gray color in any tile, it means that the letter(s) you chose are not in the target word at all.

Based on the changes in color and the hint given by Jordle, you need to make other guesses to find the hidden word.

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