Hogwartle is a new Wordle spin-off that will distinguish true Potter fans from casual users. This practice is excellent for enhancing vocabulary, spelling, and reading skills, and its competitive element will excite your kids. Players assume the roles of Hogwarts wizards and compete individually or in teams to determine who can recognize the most words from their spellbooks first. This fan-made game has every five-letter phrase from the Harry Potter universe. It may be "wand" or "book," or a name such as "Avery" or "Padma" or "Harry."

Hogwartle is a free game that allows you to uncover the hidden meanings in J.K. Rowling's works. You can also put your knowledge of the world of witches and wizards to the test by sharing your findings on social media with other players. So let's get started… You have six opportunities to properly guess the five-letter Hogwarts words. This game is designed by "minerva-b," who creates a new Harry Potter word search every day. Daily at 12 a.m. local time, new Hogwarts Harry Potter tests are posted, and you will receive a musical quiz to complete each day. By playing daily, you'll gain access to answers and word games.

How to play
Hogwartle is an exact replica of Wordle, with the exception that the source and solution word lists exclusively include Harry Potter terms. It functions identically to the original game in all other respects. You type words with five letters. The letters will illuminate yellow or green depending on whether they're on the final word. No plurals permitted.

Only Harry Potter-related words may be used as guesses or answers, therefore if you're a random player who wants to participate, you may not get past the first guess without a serious Potterverse reference book.

There is also another Wordle Wizarding game available. Or, if you like Tolkien over Rowling, The Lord of the Rings may be a better fit for you.


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