Framed may appeal to you if you enjoy the concept of Heardle but are more of a film buff than a musician. Framed adapts the Wordle principle to motion picture stills. Similar to that letter-based brain game, you are provided with six frames from a single film in an attempt to win the round. After you make a guess, the frame will shift to a different shot from the same film. Depending on the next image you receive, this may be advantageous or disadvantageous; nonetheless, you can view past frames as you evaluate your next forecast. Repeat six times until a winner is determined. Additionally, similar to Wordle, you can examine your statistics, such as your winning streak, and share them on various social networking sites.

How to play by frame
Similar to Wordle, you have six chances to guess the solution of the day in Framed. But instead of guessing a word, you must guess the title of a film.

Framed displays a still from the film of the day. If you make a mistake, you receive a second opportunity, and so on until you receive a sixth chance. Unlike Wordle, there is no indication of how near your incorrect answer is to the correct one. When guessing is no longer possible, however, the picked frames become a little clearer. Even if a Framed game opens with a scene you've never seen before, subsequent images will frequently resemble iconic shots or even the film's protagonist.
As you write the film's title, the game will provide suggestions to ensure you don't miss anything. Prior dramatic reactions include Knives Out, Catch Me If You Can, and 12 Years A Slave; today's dramatic response is Howl's Moving Castle.


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