Welcoming you to the football game! A very original word puzzle game that is now seeing significant commercial success. Footle is a variation of Wordle that football fans will like tremendously. In this game, you will have six chances to accurately choose the football player or term. At each guess, the colour of the tiles will change to indicate how close you were to the right answer.

The Fantasy Footballers Podcast provides a daily football-themed crossword problem.
You have six opportunities to guess the football-related phrase or player's name. As you make guesses, the colour of the tiles will change to represent how well you've guessed their contents.

How to play Footdle 

It is a simple activity that has gone widespread due to its simplicity and the fact that you have just 12 chances each day to complete its task. Footdle Online is a fully free word-guessing game that requires no installation or download. Footdle employs a 1-grid system in which you must predict a football player as quickly as possible.

You must determine the player's name, position, league, country, and football club affiliation. You may use the game's clues to assist yourself as you see fit.

Footdle does not let users to play a new game after completing the game of the day. If you would want to learn how to play limitless futdle, please continue reading.

The objective of Footdle is to predict a football player in 12 tries, therefore it is vital that you solve it on your 12th try. The game provides a list of all conceivable Footdle players, from which you must choose the one you believe to be the current Footdle player. The hints are unique for each participant. A daily fresh mystery player!

Footdle rules

Footdle is the version that requires twelve attempts to identify a football mysterios player. Each time you compose your player, it will provide you with hints and advice.

You have twelve guesses; choose any active football player.
Green in any column indicates a successful match!
Red in any column indicates a mismatch!
To facilitate searches, almost every player from the Top 5 Leagues (ENG, GER, ESP, FR, IT) has been added to the database. Nevertheless, a player with a better rating is still quite probable.
A daily fresh mystery player!

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