Fibble is a word game for two or more players where each player must use their intelligence, vocabulary, and word knowledge to create words using the letters given. Fibble is comparable to Scrabble or Words with Friends, except instead of competing against an opponent, you compete against the board. The winner is the last player with leftover letters.

Shuffle all the letters together and deal one face-up card to each player to begin. Your board will initially conceal distinct letter categories (phrases, prefixes, suffixes, etc.).

Once everyone has their cards, each player will expose one letter from the top of their card in turn. If a disclosed letter matches one of the hidden letters in that category, the revealed letter remains concealed and a new letter is revealed from the top of the next card. If not, it will show itself along with a letter from your subsequent card. Continue until no further letters may be revealed from your existing deck.
Once you run out of letters on your current card, you are finished disclosing, therefore the winner is the first player to eliminate all of their letters.

How To Play Fibble

The letters in your guess are:

Green if the correct letter is in the proper place;

Yellow if the correct letter is in the incorrect place;

Gray if the correct letter does not occur in the word.

But every row has one lie!

For everyone, the lies are in the same places.

Good luck!

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