Explore city streets somewhere in the world with Explordle! Click Daily Adventure and explore an unfamiliar place by bicycle. In Exploredle, you must specify the specific places displayed in YouTube videos. It is comparable to GeoGuessr, except that video is used instead of Google Street View. You have up to seven guesses to determine the continent, country, and city you are in. Each question will have four possible responses. Attempt to quickly guess the correct answer and win the daily Explordle!


Online multiplayer games.
Excellent 2D sights, controls.

How to play Explordle

The Explordle rule is straightforward. You receive a first-person video of someone visiting an area of interest or strolling through a city or landmark region. And the player's duty is to select the correct response from various options that each lead to a greater comprehension of the destination.

Try to guess the continent, the country, and the city in the Daily Adventure, for instance. Similarly to Wordle, you can share your results.
Some clips are straightforward to classify based on street signs, stores, etc. Nonetheless, there are a few that will be difficult to decipher. There is a potential that playing this game will consume up to an hour of your valuable time. You may also submit your own videos for inclusion in the game. Thus, you can view a portion of your own travel.


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