Evil Wurdle is a free online word guessing game that is both entertaining and accessible. Players can enjoy themselves while playing this game. To win this game, the player must correctly guess a five-character word six times. Within the time limit, the word must be guessed. After each guess, the word's color will revert to green, yellow, or gray, depending on how near the guess was to the actual answer. Evil Wurdle presents you with opportunities and difficulties. Do you possess the ability to overcome these obstacles? Please get in touch ASAP!
How to play
Evil Wurdle will provide hints if desired. In the Javascript console, Evil Wurdle will list potential solution words. This is initially of little assistance, but after a few guesses, you should be able to reduce the amount of potential answers. The challenge is to generate words that indicate which of the remaining words is the solution. Can you reduce a list of 20 words to 15 using two guesses?
Developers can get messages from websites using the Javascript console. In Chrome for Mac, enter Command-Option-J to open the console. In Safari, press Command-Option-C. When you visit this page, you will notice that Reddit is hiring.
If you don't open the console, it's similar to Wordle but with strange words. There will be no hints. Evil Wurdle is simple to learn, enjoyable to play, and delectable. Have fun!


How to play



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