If you are seeking for a fun word game for children, your search is over! Eldrow is a free, instructional word game that can be played on practically any platform, including a computer, smartphone, or tablet. This game is not only fantastic for children, but also parents and older children who wish to improve their vocabulary. Edlrow features the same limits as Wordle, with the exception that you can play five puzzles every day as opposed to just one. As the name suggests, the game is the polar opposite of Wordle. You are given the correct answer at the conclusion and must utilize color-coded letters to determine how you got there.

How to play Edlrow
Wordle and Elderrow share identical rules and color schemes. This is their function in the game. 5 puzzles per day. Solve the problems and report your results.
Gray: The letter is not at the end of the word.
Yellow: The letter should be at the end of the word, but it is not.
Green: The letter in the final position of the word remains in place.

Example of a test and answer:
Unique wording and coloured grids distinguish each problem. This puzzle's root word is "BLIND." Enter your answer in the multicolored grid above and click enter. The right response must be one of the following according to the colors in this grid:
A green box indicates that a proper response must contain "B" in the same box as "BLIND" (the first box)
The yellow box indicates that a proper response must contain a letter "BLIND" rather than a "B" at a location distinct from the other letters of "BLIND." Thre


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