The puzzle game Wordle was the inspiration for Cross Wordle, which was developed to be more challenging and visually appealing. Cross Wordle has been met with resounding success.
The following is how the game is played in Cross Wordle: At the very bottom, you will be given a keyword, and at the very top, colored boxes will offer letters to help you find words. The original color as well as Green and Yellow are contained inside these color boxes. In a manner analogous to wordle, the color green indicates that the character coincides with another character located in the same row in the supplied word. The character shown by yellow is the one that is not present in the same row as the others but may be found in the supplied term. The character that does not appear in the last row is the one that retains its original color. The game will place a red triangle next to invalid characters in the wrong character box to indicate that they are there. Simply clicking on it will let you locate and correct the following mistakes.
The game helps you acquire new language that you may have forgotten or never knew before, and it also revitalizes the vocabulary that you already have. Start playing Cross Wordle right now to ensure that you don't overlook any of the intriguing sentences!


How to play

The blue, yellow and gray blocks help you identify the correct answer. Use the arrows to guess vertical or horizontal text.


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