Colordle - a new version of Wordle that’s all about the colors. The object here is still to guess the RGB value of a color swatch within six tries. Ready to solve today’s puzzle?

What is Colourdle?

Colourdle is heavily inspired by the legendary Wordle game-the word game that is beloved in every corner of the world.

However, players’ goal here is not to guess a secret word but to find the RGB value of a target color swatch. You will have six attempts to guess that RGB value, and, of course, the system also gives you clues after every guess.

How to play Colourdle

In Colourdle, you will need to put numbers in nine squares. The first three squares represent the red value, the next three represent the green value, and the last three represent the blue value.

Note that each separate RGB value (Red value, Green value, and Blue value) must be between 000 and 255. Besides, your guest must be nine digits long.

After you make a guess, the color of each tile will let you know how close the numbers in the guess are to the correct answer.

The black color indicates that the number(s) of your choice are totally incorrect, while the yellow color means that the number(s) you chose are correct but in the wrong spot. And, of course, if the color of any tile is green, you know that you got it right!

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