Cluedle is still a great word-guessing game inspired by Wordle. Players must guess a 5-letter word using clues given within the time limit. Sound so challenging!

What is Cluedle?

Though Cluedle is a word-guessing game that takes inspiration from Wordle, its rules are quite different compared to the original version.

Your goal here is to guess a secret word that has five letters. Of course, you will always have clues given to you by the system. In Cluedle, players will not be limited to only six tries. You can make as many attempts as possible before the time runs out.

How to play Cluedle

When starting the game, you have three tries to make initial guesses. The color of the tiles will change immediately after each guess as a clue to help you make the next guess. The red color means the letter(s) in the word of your choice are correct and in the right spot(s). The yellow color indicates that the letter(s) in the word of your choice are correct but in the wrong spot.

The timer begins counting down once you have completed these three guesses. So, keep guessing the word until it runs out of time.

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