Cloudle is a weather guessing puzzle game in which you have to guess the five-day weather forecast of a random city within 6 tries. It's a weather variant of the Wordle game.

How to play Cloudle game?

Wordle served as the inspiration for Cloudle game which is a game that provides a weekly weather forecast for places all around the world. In this game, you won't find the standard alphabetic letters in this version of Wordle; instead, you'll find weather icons such as sunshine, rain, thunderstorms, snow, and fog.

To start the game, just select any weather forecast icon at the bottom of the screen. You have to make an educated judgment about the weather forecast for the following five days in the city. After each guess, you will also receive clues about the weather based on the color of the squares:

If it's green, that means your guess was right.

If it's yellow, that means it's the right weather but on a wrong day.

If it's gray, that means the weather icon is not on any day. 

The player will have a total of six chances to make an accurate guess about the weather.

You win the game when you guess the right weather for all five days and make all of the squares turn green.

How to play

Use Mouse.


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