Cladder is a word game that is based on the viral word game Wordle where you have to determine anything that is associated with the word Cladder in 60 seconds.

In order to go through this game, you will need to decipher a word using the provided rules and clues. You have one minute to figure out each of the 10 clues, which are words. You will begin with a term that has three or four letters, and then you will need to alter the preceding word by changing just one letter in order to acquire the proper answer. After that, you are brought back to figure out the following word (clue). Be as shrewd as possible while taking part in this exciting game, and triumph in the most convincing way possible.

How To Play Cladder?

To solve all ten clues, you have 60 seconds.

To get the solution, change one letter from the preceding word.

You won't be punished for making bad estimates.

You have two skips (costs 5 seconds each)


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