Birdle is another variant of Wordle but made especially for bird lovers. The object here is to guess the name of a bird that has five letters within six attempts, as usual. 

What is Birdle?

As a version of the legendary Wordle game, the Birdle game is quite similar to Wordle in terms of the basic rules, the maximum number of tries, and more. However, in this variant, you have to guess the name of a bird instead of a random word given by the system.

As always, players will be given clues (the change of colors) after every guess. Note that you need to find the bird's name within six tries; otherwise, you will lose the game and have to come back the next day to solve another puzzle.

How to play Birdle?

If you have played the Wordle game, then it might be easy to solve puzzles in Birdle.

To begin with, you need to make the first guess by entering a valid name of a bird that has five letters into the guessing field and hitting enter to submit the answer.

After the guess, the colors of the five tiles will change to let you know how close the bird name of your choice is to the target answer.

The green color means the letter(s) in your guess are correct and in the right spot(s). The yellow color indicates that the letter(s) in your guess are in the target word but in the wrong spot(s). And the gray color lets you know that the letter(s) in your guess don’t belong to the target word.

Based on the change of colors given by the system, you will keep guessing the word until you find the correct answer, or you will run out of all six tries.

Note that a new Birdle is available every day!

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