Airportle is an entertaining online word-guessing game that anyone may play. The player must make six guesses before discovering the airport's IATA number. As you make more mistakes, the boxes surrounding the words will change color to signify their difficulty. Now Create an account with Airportle immediately.

Airportle's rules closely resemble those of the traditional Wordle game. You have six opportunities to identify the three-letter airport code (LHR for London Heathrow, CDG for Paris Charles de Gaulle, etc.). The square will turn green if your prediction regarding the airport code character is accurate. If a letter exists in the code but not in its proper position, it turns orange; otherwise, it remains grey. Surely, many individuals will find that dull. However, for the travel geek? This may be the Wordle you've been searching for.

How to play Airportle

Wordle is a guessing game that defies the strategies of the internet. Due to the large overlap in IATA codes, this version of Wordle, which reduces the five-letter challenge to the three-letter challenge, is actually quite difficult.

The airport must be on the International Air Transport Association's approved list of airports (IATA). It is essential to remember that there are almost 20,000 airports around the world, each with its own IATA code. Therefore, Airportle is rather challenging, particularly for those who have no interest in airports.

Since vowels do not serve the same purpose as airport codes, which include uncommon letters such as X, Y, and Z, the finest first-word technique of diehards will not help Airportle.

Similar to Wordle, Airportle features only one daily quest. If you have time to play a few more rounds, try Taylordle, BRDL, and Sweardle, which are all spin-offs of the original game. Wordle can be played in multiple languages.

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