Absurvivle is a unique Wordle spin-off that ingeniously inverts the famous puzzle game's objective. It is really simple to play. It is a reverse wordle, and you cannot predict the word in three attempts.

If you succeed, the game displays how long it took and how many times you attempted it. Then, you have the option to share it on social networks. Inform your peers about it!

How To Play Absurvivle

It has gone viral due to its ease of execution and a limited number of attempts to complete the task. You may play again if you can solve the problem.

You have three guesses per word.

Each attempt must be a 5-letter, meaningful term.

The color of the letters changes with each attempt to indicate how close you are to discovering the word.

The green tile indicates how many proper characters are present.

In AbSurvivile, the amount of amber tiles represents the number of valid characters that are incorrectly placed.

You must remain alive through three rounds.

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