Absurdle game is an adversarial variant of the Wordle game in which the secret word will change after each time you guess. And you can play it for infinite attempts.

How to play Absurdle game

Unlike the viral word guessing game Wordle where the hidden word is chosen at the beginning. There's a twist in the Absurdle game. The answer will change every time the players get too close to the hidden word. And it prolongs the game. An AI will evaluate all possible solutions for your guesses and then give you information about the solution with the most possibilities. And that also means it's impossible to beat the game in less than four guesses!

If you find it's too hard, you can click on the Give up button at the bottom left corner of the virtual keyboard to try a new game.

If you feel that you can guess the word in Wordle so easily and you're interested in unlimited puzzles with advanced experience. Then Absurdle is exactly what you are looking for!


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