Spelling Bee is a very simple and fun game. From the available letters you need to arrange them into meaningful words. You can click the letters on the screen or use the keyboard to type. You can use the keyboard instead of clicking because using the keyboard seems to be faster and will help you get a higher score
The idea for this game is that by spelling repeated words very quickly you can become a better speller and also become more familiar with the vocabulary items and the letters used to spell them out. form them.

How to play

Create words using letters from the hive.

  • Words must contain at least 4 letters.
  • Words must include the center letter.
  • Our word list does not include words that are obscure, hyphenated, or proper nouns.
  • No cussing either, sorry.
  • Letters can be used more than once.

Score points to increase your rating.

  • 4-letter words are worth 1 point each.
  • Longer words earn 1 point per letter.
  • Each puzzle includes at least one “pangram” which uses every letter. These are worth 7 extra points!

New puzzles are released daily at 3:00 a.m. ET.

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